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We know that a hernia generally occurs when an organ or a tissue pushes and tears through the muscle that holds it in place. However, hernias are not life-threatening. Still, they need medical intervention as they do not usually heal on their own. In some worst-case scenarios, hernias might require surgery to prevent serious bodily complications. Together, we must mention that not all hernias are preventable. Factors such as prior

It is said that the only constant thing in this universe is change! And as far as the pace of change is concerned, the 21st century takes the cake. In the last two decades, with the advent of internet, the world has changed and even unrecognisable to some old timers! Here are some of the important changes in the field of gastrosurgery that has taken place in this time period-  Rapid

Q. I have bleeding when I pass stool. Is it something to worry? A. It depends. If it's been for years and is painless and there has been no change in the bowel motions recently, then it's likely it's the piles (or haemorrhoids in scientific jargon). However if the bleed is a recent phenomenon, is associated with pain and change in bowel motion, then it may be an indication of a sinister

It is very interesting that a human body may produce stones within it. A human body is otherwise all about flesh, fluid and bones. But Stones? Seems strange! But the fact is the human body may produce stones in certain parts of the body due to disease process. It may happen in the gallbladder, liver and the bile duct that can lead to pain, jaundice and sometime pancreatitis and rarely cancer. Stones may form