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Dr. Sarfaraz J Baig – Bariatric, Hernia and Gastrosurgeon in Kolkata

Dr. Sarfaraz J Baig is the Director, Digestive Surgery Clinic based out of Belle Vue Hospital, and a Senior Consultant GI Surgeon  in the city of Kolkata.

He has a practice of over 20 years with more than 10000 surgeries.

His expertise is recognised in Laparoscopic, Bariatric, Hernia and Abdominal wall reconstruction, Biliary surgery, Antireflux  and Colorectal  surgery.

His qualifications are MBBS MS FRCS FIAGES FALS FMBS.

He served the State Healthcare from the year 2000 to 2006 as an Assistant Professor, General and GI surgery. He loves teaching and has mentored many students in his career. He runs various courses for surgeons at his center.

He holds/ held posts in various national bodies- IAGES, OSSI, HSI, IASG.

He has conducted many conferences and workshops in the country and has given lectures on his area of expertise both in India and abroad.

He is the Associate Editor, Journal of Bariatric Surgery and in the Editorial Board, Journal of Minimal Access Surgery.

In his free time, he loves singing, writing poetry, dancing and traveling. His YouTube channel is valuable to many who like watching his operative skills, oratorial talent and listening to his poetry.


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    A hernia is a hole in the abdominal wall through which gut and fat come beneath the skin and can be felt as a bulge.

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    Bariatric surgery is a keyhole solution for obesity that can lead to loss of upto 1/3rd of body weight.

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    Colorectal surgery done for inflammation, diverticula, polyps and cancer, is feasible with laparoscopy.

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    Hiatus Hernia

    Hiatus Hernia is a common cause of heartburn and reflux that can be fixed with a laparoscopic surgery

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    Gallstones are a common occurrence especially in some parts of the world such as ours. It occurs in about 6% of our population.

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    “I had undergone “STAPLED HAEMORRHOIDECTOMY done under SA” by Dr. Sarfaraz Baig as I was suffering with Bleeding Haemorrhids. I just wanted to say that this was a painless surgery and Dr. Baig’s magic hands saved me from the pain too. I could attend work the very next day. And since then I have not faced any problem. I would like to recommend this type of surgery to anyone facing similar problem.”

    Mr. Kuan Hsin Yao, Kolkata

    “Dr. Sarfaraz is a very caring and friendly doctor. When I came to him I was very scared and nervous about my problem. a matter of few minutes since meeting him he not only calmed me down but also eased me with my problem. The surgery was pretty good and everything was fine. The best quality about him is that he understands his patients very well. I called him 8pm on a Sunday from my hospital bed and insisted to meet me. He was out with his family but still came down and met me. He is now a friend to me and his whole team is very talented.”

    Akshay Agarwal, Saltlake, Kolkata

    “Dr. Baig is the real life blood of human being. I have no idea about God, but i had really touched with God. I was shaken with wonder that after 2 days I was in merry mood to do all works after Hernia operation. I did not feel any botheration to work whenever it deems to do. Dr. Baig is now a good pal to me whenever I wanted to touch, he has given me response. He is very kind to me in all respect, not only as a Doctor, but also just like a member of my family.

    Sampa Roy, Housewife, Kolkata

    "I came to know about this Bariatric Bypass Surgery from Dr. Baig. He took me through the entire process how the operation helps in managing the diabeties, managing the weight, optmizing the blood pressure level. It was really a miracle for the people who are really overweight and having suffering from Diabeties. I took a call in December this year, I went through this operation, its around 20 days now and I have lost weight atleast 9 Kilos right now, my diabetic level is under control, I dont have a high blood pressure at this moment, really feeling happy and looking forward for the miracle change in future. Thank you!"

    Bariatric Surgery's Patient

    "Hi this is Tanaya, I admitted on 29th on an emergency basis and I had an operation on 23rd with the 3 team members of Dr. Baig and within 3 days its fine with the recovery and I'm feeling good now."

    Tanaya, Student

    "Hi I'm Stapa Ganguly, I'm Staying at Garia, I came to Belle vue clinic for my weight loss. I have consulted Dr. Sarfaraz Baig and I have undergone a Bariatric Surgery and I have reduced 8 kilos within 10 Days and I'm really happy. I have got a new rebirth in his hands. Thank you."

    Miss Ganguly, Garia

    "I am having my normal diet like I used to have before. Gained only 2 kgs, that too after 1 yr otherwise everything is normal. My face is looking better, no dullness. I am having proper food and I'm not talking any medicines."

    Obesity and Diabetic Surgery Patient

    "My name is Mohammad Safi, from Burma. I had a Mini Gastric Bypass operation in this hospital. The doctors are very good and they operated me professionally. I reduced 6 kgs within 5 days and I do not have any problem while walking right now."

    Mohammad Safi, Burma

    "I am Paramjeet, came from Madhyamgram to get my treatment done from Dr. Sarfaraz Baig. He suggested me for OT (operation). Now it’s been a week since my OT took place and I have reduced 10kgs till now."

    Paramjeet, Madhyamgram

    "I came from Sreerampore for Bariatric Surgery from Dr. Sarfaraz Baig. My name is Chandra Sarkar. After Bariatric Surgery I lost 17 kgs within 3 months. And problems like Diabetes, Hypertension, etc., have also decreased. Now I am healthy again and feeling very good."

    Chandra Sarkar, Sreerampore

    "My health has improved remarkably. There's nothing happier than the feeling of transformation upon the treatment. I will soon resume the healthy lifestyle!"

    Ms. Chatterjee

    "I'm having an overweight issue for quite sometime. Secondly, I had spinal issue so I consulted doctors all around and suggestion was open surgery, which was not something I was looking forward to, so I spoke to Dr. Sarfaraz."

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    Online Consultation

    We are aware that sometimes it is not possible to bring patients to the clinic for various reasons. We offer our ONLINE consultation facility to such patients on platforms such as Zoom and WhatsApp. Do send all your reports and medical documents beforehand to maximise the benefits from the consult. Our coordinators will help you ease the process.